Beachfront Villa In Dubrovnik As Your Summer Of 24

Beachfront Villa In Dubrovnik As Your Summer Of 24

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Not many people can say that they had the chance to spend their summer holiday at a beachfront villa in Dubrovnik. Here we bring you 2 such villas near Dubrovnik with lots of space spread over at least 3 floors.

Dubrovnik- the unforgettable spot for your summer vacation

Don't forget Dubrovnik as the next heavenly space you'll want to visit this summer!

If you’re adamant about visiting the Croatian seaside and want to stay at a beachfront villa, then Dubrovnik couldn’t be a better location.


Film junkies will know this.

Fans of Game of Thrones will be delighted to have this Dubrovnik map which shows GOT scenes shot there.

Those who like fortresses and old city walls will know this, too.

Dubrovnik is the poshest place to spend your summer vacation. It's like the French Cannes or Monte Carlo.

On the Croatian Adriatic.

We at Private Villas of Croatia have over 20 beachfront villas you can choose from in the Dubrovnik area.

This is beachfront Villa Delight in the Dubrovnik area

map of the Dubrovnik area with 2 beachfront villas
Look at the map of Dubrovnik and nearby spots - here, you can see two beachfront villas just north of Dubrovnik.

Having a vacation at a beachfront villa in Dubrovnik is like hitting the jackpot: you can enjoy plenty of things at the same time!

Enjoy the privileges of a beachfront villa in Dubrovnik, even amid the heat

You can have the sea, the grand Croatian delicacies, maybe even a private chef, an infinity pool, and the old city center all at once laid out before you.

The only thing that may make your vacation a bit challenging if you come this April is the likelihood of spending it amid the biggest heat ever experienced at this time of year.

March was extremely hot.

April will not be that much different.

So, one of our tips on evading this heat is to keep your head under parasols or spend time in the shade as often as possible.

After you book your stay at a beachfront villa in Dubrovnik

Events taking place in Dubrovnik this April

Here are some of the events taking place in Dubrovnik so that you can plan your next Adriatic trip as a real travel professional.

If you liked the beachfront villa above (Villa Delight), you'd have plenty of space at your disposal - some 330 square meters of interior space.

Villa Delight beachfront villa

The villa is located on an impressive 630 square meters large property, offering complete privacy and a calm environment.

The fact that it's not in the City of Dubrovnik shouldn't be such a problem. Zaton, the place where the villa is located, is some 10 minutes away by car from the City of Dubrovnik.

Our recommendation for a beachfront villa in Dubrovnik

If you were to ask us to pick one beachfront villa in Dubrovnik out of the more than 20 beachfront villas in our offer, one that we would highly recommend, then it would be Villa Starlight, a villa 10 minutes away from the historical City of Dubrovnik.

This remarkable beachfront Dubrovnik villa has an infinity heated pool and hangs above the sea.

the marvellous beachfront Villa Starlight

This magnificent villa, spread over an imposing 700 square meters over three levels, can accommodate up to 14 guests in five bedrooms and two adjacent rooms.

A picture wouldn't do justice to this exquisite beachfront villa, so let us show you this VIDEO.

The reviews also reflect our guests' infatuation with this beachfront villa.

What more can you say to that?

We have made the decision easy for you.

You only have to book and enjoy the numerous events Dubrovnik offers this summer.